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Fatigue and Burnout

Workplace Conflict Management and Organizational Change 

Anxiety and Stress/ Trauma

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"Helping leaders learn to breathe, one breath at a time"


Mental Health Based Professional Development Training
Trauma Response and Crisis Intervention Training  
Trauma-informed SEL (Social Emotional Learning) Training

Who we are

Hub certified, Minority owned, government contracting firm with a decade of experience in emotional formation, trauma recovery, crisis management and mindfulness practice training. 

Our Mission

The mission of Space for Me LLC is to create emotionally healthy organizational teams by providing mental health based professional development resources that positively impact people and influence communities. 

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Our Partners
What people are saying
Black Outfits

"Dr. Bell, ED of Space for Me LLC joins us in our Social Justice CPE group work inside Stillwater Maximum Security Prison. He gives water to those who thirst-he does it through his trainings on Grief; Race, Trauma and Empathy."

Dr. Sue Allers-Hatlie

Director Spiritual Care & Pastoral Education Social Justice Clinical Pastoral Education 

"During the Reset Retreat led by Space for Me LLC's Dr. Bell, I was able to develop tools that allowed me to listen to myself and develop clarity for my future."  

Dr. Tanden L. Brekke

Assistant Director of Service-Learning and Community Engagement; Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Bethel University


Right now, are you holding your breath? Experiencing a traumatic event can cause us to instinctually hold our breath. Living in ongoing trauma without healthy resources and tools can teach us to live breathless, toxic, tired, sick, and unhealthy. This book helps break that cycle. As we navigate past and present trauma, The Four Promises provides concrete and thoughtful steps to help us engage with our trauma, heal, and finally exhale.

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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